You can see the types of chicken drinkers we produce in our factory in Istanbul below. You can contact us to buy wholesale chicken drinker.

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Turkey's Premier Plastic Chicken Drinker Manufacturer in IstanbulTekplas, based in Istanbul, is a prominent chicken drinker manufacturer in Turkey, providing high-quality plastic drinkers for the poultry industry. With years of experience and industry know-how, Tekplas has progressively grown by offering solutions customized to the needs of poultry farmers.Product Variety:Tekplas manufactures and wholesales plastic chicken drinkers in various sizes, with capacities of 8 liters, 12 liters, 16 liters, and 23 liters. This allows farmers and poultry breeders to choose the drinkers that best suit the needs of their coops. In addition to these, the company also produces float-valve drinkers, automatic chicken drinkers, and automatic turkey drinkers, catering to a wide range of poultry needs.Quality and Durability:The plastic chicken drinkers produced by Tekplas are of superior quality in terms of both durability and ease of use. The company uses high-quality plastic materials to ensure the drinkers have a long life span, providing poultry breeders with a return on their investment while ensuring the healthy hydration of their chickens.Wholesale Sales:Tekplas caters to the needs of both large-scale poultry breeders and small businesses with its wholesale sales service. By offering competitive prices, the company reaches a broad customer base and contributes to the continuous growth and development of the poultry industry in Turkey.In conclusion, as one of Istanbul's leading chicken drinker manufacturers, Tekplas offers valuable contributions to the poultry industry in Turkey. With its innovative products and high-quality standards, Tekplas has established itself as a leader in this field and continues to serve farmers and poultry breeders across the country.